Saturday, September 28, 2013


Here be some quick reviews from a bunch of movies I watched in recent weeks.

The Place Beyond the Pines is an interesting film with powerful performances from all involved - it's nice to see Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling stretching their acting skills once in a while. Eva Mendes has a lesser role in the movie but she still nails it. The script is split into three parts, which transition seamlessly and then link together nicely at the end.

*** 1/2

Holy Motors is an amazing and unique masterpiece of French cinema. I am still thinking about what it means and I mean this in a good way. This movie is utterly compelling but is not for the feint of heart. Eva Mendes turns up again here in fine form, as does Kylie Minogue!

****1/2 (giving it an extra half a star for being so well made on a paltry budget of less than 4m euros)

Killer Joe is the worst film I have ever seen. It has no redeeming features and is just vile filth. It has a story but it isn't a good one. No stars. My time would have been better employed staring at a wall.

Only God Forgives is atmospheric to the extreme. It is dark, neon-lit, quiet, intense, a little bit demented and it leaves you wondering about who you want to come out on top. This is a movie that has produced booes and cheers, with few people in between. I'm in the cheering camp and expect this to be a cult classic in future years.


The Illusionist is an enjoyable French animation (actually more of a silent movie) about an almost down and out magician who strikes into a friendship with a young girl, who seems to believe his tricks are real. The animation is spectacular and the movie is filled with heart and care. The only downside is that I wasn't massively taken up with the story.

*** 1/2

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