Sunday, September 08, 2013

Film: The Way Way Back (2013)

The Way Way Back is an excellent coming-of-age type film that mixes humour with some of harsh realities of real-life. The story isn't quite realistic in its ending but the movie does steer well clear of the sickly sweet category and instead just makes you feel good about things in general. Mr "I love lamp" Steve Carrel surprises by transforming himself into a believable jock-dad jerk character, but it is Sam Rockwell who steals the limelight, playing a laissez-faire, fun-loving manager of a water park. Rockwell also has the best lines in the movie, including something along the lines of "there's no point Googling it, that fact predates technology". Rockwell has really come to the fore in movies like Seven Psychopaths and The Way Way back as someone who can nail wild characters but he is strikingly versatile (watch "Moon"). Here's hoping the interesting roles keep flowing.

The Way Way back is definitely one of the better films of the summer.


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