Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Breaking Bad Fail

So I joined Neflix over the weekend and had my first, and probably last, full-blown tv marathon. Between 11pm on Saturday and 7pm Sunday I did nothing but eat, drink and watch the final season of Breaking Bad, episodes 1 through to 13. I fully expected to watch the whole season through but when I clicked on episode 14 - the last in the list - a message came up saying it wasn't available as it hadn't aired. Major let down. A quick Google search revealed that episode 14 was airing Stateside that evening and would be on Netflix UK the following day. And it did. And it was great.

But again I failed, for this wasn't the last epsiode! It turns out that there are still two more episodes to go before the whole thing wraps up. On the upside, at least I am now up to speed with everyone else and won't get caught out by any spoiler headlines.

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