Sunday, September 01, 2013

Book: The Para Fitness Guide by Major Sam McGrath

The  Para Fitness Guide provides some exercising basics weaved together with stories and background of the Paras; a good combination to motivate your humble servant to get off the couch!


Some scriblings

- Para entry requirements: ten over-arm pull-ups; over 60 sit-ups in two minutes; over 80 press-ups in two minutes; followed by completing a 1.5 mile run in under nine minutes 18 seconds.

- A 5-minute muscular endurance test comprises 1-minute of:
Press-ups, Sit-ups, Star jumps, Squat thrusts, and Burpees, with a 10-second break between each.
Combined Total Exercise target is as follows:
Basic (0-99), Recruit (100-199), Soldier (200-264), Para (>265).

Fitness is broken down into four components:
  • Endurance (e.g. running, extended period press-ups)
  • Strength (ability to exert force on physical objects)
  • Speed (high velocity movements)
  • Flexibility (ability for joints to produce a full range of movement)
Fitness is developed by:
  • Frequency
  • Intensity
  • Time
  • Type
"if you train hard, you fight easy"

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