Monday, August 26, 2013


I have taken delivery of the Nook Simple Touch, an e-reader device that it is encased in a type of rubberized plastic polymer, a soft touch covering that is appearing in more and more places. It is a coating that used to be found on IBM Thinkpad lids - and maybe still is - but has now also made its way on to earphones, keyboard wrist pads, e-book readers, portable speakers and much else besides.

These applications are all to the good but it is also found on many paperbook books, or should I call them rubber backs? Either way, this is one develpment that is not welcome. These coated books feel awkward and alien and over time the surface coating wears away to reveal a shiny underlayer, making the book look and feel even worse. Apart from this gripe, I look forward to a rubberized world.

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