Thursday, August 15, 2013

Quotes from "Ancient Wisdom, Modern World" 1/5

- As for the rich, while a few know how to use their wealth intelligently - that is to say, not in luxurious living but sharing it with the needy - most do not. They are so caught up with the idea of acquiring still more that they make no room for anything else in their lives.

- In some parts of Southeast Asia, it is observable that, as prosperity has increased, traditional belief systems have begun to lose their influence over people.

- ... as the influence of religion declines, there is mounting confusion with respect to the problem of how best we are to conduct ourselves in life. In the past, ethics and religion were closely intertwined.

- ...I suggest that one of the things which determines whether an act is ethical or not is its effect on others' experience or expectation of happiness. An act which harms or does violence to this is potentially an unethical act.

- The aim of spiritual and, therefore, ethical practice is thus to transform and perfect the individual's kun long. This is how we become better human beings.

- ...the fact of life - that there is often a gap between the way in which we perceive phenomena and the reality of a given situation - is the source of much unhappiness.

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