Monday, August 26, 2013

More or Less - a few facts

A few interesting facts from Tim Harford's "More or Less" podcast:

  • If people stood packed side by side, the area of London could hold a whopping 13 billion people.
  • Global life expectancy between 1990 and 2010  increased by 6 years on average (WHO), with substantial improvements in the developing world countries (Africa, Asia and in the Eastern Mediterranean) driven by improving living conditions and better health care (vaccinations had a big impact). Overall, African life expectancy has gone up with the average but there are a number of African countries where life expectancy has decreased largely due to the spread of HIV e.g. S.African life expectancy has decreased by 5 years. 
  • Texas is about the size of Germany and Italy put together. If people were willing to live as densely packed as they do in New York, then the world population could, give or take, live in Texas.

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