Sunday, August 11, 2013

Idea: The Readlet (E-reader meets Tablet)

A great many people have tablets as well as e-readers these days. Tablets are ideal for casual surfing but for lengthy reading sessions e-ink seems to be the way forward. This begs the question why isn't there an offering that combines the two?

Imagine, if you will, a tablet case that opens to reveal a tablet screen on one side and an e-reader screen on the other. When the e-reader is not in use it could double up as a full size touch keyboard, thereby converting the tablet into a more versatile machine (achieving what the Windows tablets are trying to do and a lot more besides). On the flip side, you could have an e-read button on the tablet/internet browser, which flips long-form articles across to the e-reader screen. With tablets and e-readers almost paper thin these days (okay, not quite, but they are darn thin), doubling up wouldn't entail a significant weight burden, especially as most of the underlying hardware could be shared across the two screens.

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