Thursday, August 15, 2013


A quick review of the films I've watched over the past week:

Battle: Los Angeles
Okay, I was in the mood for a non-thinking, cheesy popcorn flick. Alas, while the effects were generally quite good, everything else sucked. I think it's one for the Transformers generation, not for this old hand. On the upside, I had a nice relaxing sit-down.


Kick Ass 2
We weren't expecting too much here - after all, KA2 follows in the wake of a genre-busting classic - yet we were pleasantly surprised. The action and humour is as before, top-notch, with lots of the same characters turning up for more mayhem and madness.


The Wolverine (i.e. Wolverine 3)
The first three quarters was great, and then Wolverine fought a CGI samurai equivalent of ED-209 in a final fight which went on for too long and sucked some of the energy out of the film. Overall though, it's still a good offering in the series.


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