Friday, August 30, 2013

Book: 12 Books that Changed the World - How Words and Widsom have Shaped our Lives, by Melvyn Bragg

I picked up "12 Books That Changed The World" from a charity book store, hoping to become a little more aware of how some of the famous words of the past have affected the world of the present. Alas, now I come to review this book, a few weeks after having read it, and I am angry with little grey cells for not being able to recall very much at all. It's like I didn't really read the book and yet I did, very much so, actively engaged and asking questions and all that. And yet it's gone.

Fortunately, I took some notes and did some highlighting along the way, which will help to bring some of the content to the fore. For now, I can at least recall enough to say that it was an enjoyable book and even if the reader doesn't fully agree with the choice of books, Bragg does a fine job of convinving the reader of their importance.

I will post my notes from the book in a separate entry over the weekend.

*** 1/2

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