Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Last week's golfings

A quick update on last week's golfing shenanigans:

- Deciding that golf is indeed all about the short game and not the lengthy drive, we decided to visit Lavender Park to practice the pitch, the chip and the putt. Suffice to say, the quality of this par-3 course was terrible. It was under watered, had terrible greens, and the pro shop was closed in the evening which made it impossible to buy spare golf balls...what kind of place was this? It's a shame they didn't t invest a bit more in their course given the reasonable quality of their driving range and club house.

On the upside, I found a bit of a groove toward the end of the round and managed to pitch a sand wedge to within a centimetre of the pin on an eighty-foot hole. Nevertheless, the bad outweighed the good and it's difficult to find a good reason to revisit this course.

- Bird Hills remains the home course, offering lush landscapes, beautiful greens and a good mix of challenging and forgiving holes, all at a reasonable price. On Friday, I managed to play to a higher standard than usual and finished the first 9 holes with a p.b. of 44 (par 36).

Of course, after tallying up the score and fantasising about breaking 90 over the full 18, it all went to pot and I closed the 18th with a less resectable score of 98, although this was still a success on many fronts: it was the first time I had adhered to the rules (we are normally quite lax and allow Mr Mulligan to show up on the front nine and then the back, play preferred lies, and generally ignore scuff tee-offs, out of bounds posts, etc); I had scored a decent p.b. over the front 9; I had a total score p.b. for the year to date; and I had finally broken the cursed 100 mark!

- I have also won a bid on E-bay for a set of decent irons (Taylormade X-20s), which will hopefully add a bit of spring and consistency to my game. Can't wait to get out on to the course and prove I had faulty tools all along (cough, cough!).

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