Saturday, July 06, 2013

Book: Small Dream of a Scorpion by Spike Milligan

This little book may catch you by surprise. It is infused with the typical Milligan humour but also with much seriousness, sadness and madness.


Some of my favourite poems from Small Dreams of a Scorpion:

2B or not 2B

When I was small and five
I found a pencil sharpener alive!
He lay in the lonely grasses
Looking for work
I bought a pencil for him
He ate and are until all that
Left was a pile of wood dust
It was the happiest pencil sharpener
I ever had.


Born screaming into this world -
Living I am
Occupational therapy twixt birth and death -
What was I before?
What will I be next?
What am I now?
Cruel answer carried in the jesting mind
                                     of a careless God.
I will not bend and grovel
When I die. If He says my sins are myriad
I will ask why He made me so imperfect
And he will say 'My chisels were blunt'
I will say 'Then why did you make so many of me'.
                                                      - Bethlehem Hospital, Highgate 1966

Opus I

This silent call you make,
A silence so raging loud
I fear the world knows its meaning.
If you fill every corner of a room
Where can I look?
If I close my eyes
               the silence becomes louder!
There is not escape from you
The only way out
         is in

                                                  - On train to Bournemouth, Feb 1967


The flowers in my garden
            grow down,
Their colour is pain
Their fragrance is sorrow,
Into my eyes grow their roots
              feeling for tears
To nourish the black
                hopeless rose
                within me
                                                - Nervous breakdown, Bournemouth Feb 1967

True Love

I saw a purple balloon
    capture a girl one day.
He would not let her go,
     for heaven strove to take her
     but she was too heavy
So, he stayed earthbound
     to prove his love, until,
A hundred years later than night
     he died with a bang.
The little girl cried
      for never again
      would she find such a pure love

                                            - May 1970


They chop down 100ft trees
To make chairs
I bought one
I am six foot one inch
When I sit in the chair
I'm four foot two.
did they really chop down a 100ft tree
To make me look shorter?

                                                   - Bayswater, London 1971

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