Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hayfever - pollen attack

My hayfever defences were down yesterday and I welcomed the enemy grass pollens with open nostrils. I had  spent a good portion of the day outside, my bedroom had been left wide open for several days and I'd also forgotten to leave my door open for the cleaner to do her weekly clean, which meant I had two week's worth of pollen and dust circulating freely in my room. I've been taking regular antihistamines but the little tablets were no match against such an onslaught and the confluence of described factors culminated in an extreme hayfever attack, with well over a hundred sneezes in the day and every other minute spent blowing my nose, which was dripping like a leaky tap. Suffice to say, it was not a good day. In a hayfeverish daze in the evening I hot-footed it to Tescos and raided the hayfever shelf, purchasing the following:

- Beconase nasal spray
- Prevalin nasal spray
- Sudafed Blocked Nose tablets

I also followed one of my earlier advices and made my bedroom into a pollen-free safe zone, a time-consuming but critical activity.

Today, I have taken all of the above along with my regular generic Zirtec tablet, and all seems as well as can be. I have sneezed only three or four times, my nose isn't itchy and I've been outside for half an hour and have even briefly stepped onto a freshly mown lawn.

The question is which factor was the primary factor in the improvement. I know my cleaned room is having an impact but the question is how long can I last without opening the window? Also, the Beconase had a clear and immediate impact in reducing nose irritation and the dripping tap syndrome. I'll maintain the current regime for a week and then try dropping the Sudafed (while it's for blocked noses, it did seem to stop my runny nose a few years ago, although I think the original main active ingredient has since been outlawed in the EU), and then the Prevalin (this is not a medicine but a nostril coating like an advanced form of Vaseline) and I'm not sure it is very effective.

I'll report back with the finalised regimen in a week or so, more to keep a record for myself so I can prepare in advance next year.

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