Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to end global conflict: tea, biscuits and a game of football

A story from the BBC: 
York Mosque praised for offering EDL protesters tea
A mosque has been praised for serving tea and biscuits to English Defence League supporters after the far-right group arranged a demonstration there.
About six people turned up to protest at the mosque in Bull Lane, York, on Sunday and were invited inside to play football with worshippers.
More than 100 supporters of the mosque had gone there after learning of the planned EDL protest.
Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu said the mosque's response was "fantastic".
He said: "Tea, biscuits, and football are a great and typically Yorkshire combination when it comes to disarming hostile and extremist views."

Was it Yorkshire tea? Were the biscuits digestives, rich tea, or shortbreads, or was there a selection on offer? The details of the potent combination must be recorded for posterity and the information passed along to the Ministry of Defence. Can the conflicts of the world be solved by a good cup of tea and a sit down, followed by an optional game of soccer. It's worth a try. 

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