Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hollywood is turning my blog post into a film the title of this wonderfully uplifting article in the Weekend FT:

"It was on my lunch hour; I’d just gone on (a website where people submit content and then vote it up or down depending on if they like it) and saw a question: “Could a battalion of US marines destroy the entire Roman empire?”
I thought to myself, “Oh, that sounds like a fun story.” So I just started writing.
I started at noon and I was done by 1pm. I’d expected that maybe a hundred nerds would read it and enjoy it, and that some people would have had a fun lunch hour because of me. Instead, it changed the trajectory of my life. By the time I went home at five it’d had a quarter-of-a-million readers, a week later I had a manager, and a week after that I had a contract with Warner Brothers. They brought me on to write a treatment, and then a screenplay based on that treatment."

"...I’m a technical writer by trade and was writing software manuals at the time. But it so happened that the last book I wrote was a 700,000-word encyclopedia covering every war, punitive action and military involvement in US history.
I’d also read recently about a Roman senator who had plotted against Augustus – all this just fell into place. It felt like something I’d been working towards for years – the fact that I’ve learnt how to write quickly and just start pushing out words. If I hadn’t had that apprenticeship I wouldn’t have been able to do this."

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