Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Giant biscuits for breakfast

For the modern working family who don't have time to make some toast, let alone a cooked breakfast in the morning, the innovative marketeers blessed us with cereals. These flakes or puffs of carbohydrate could be coated in anything from sugar to vitamins and minerals, in keeping with the latest fads. Just pour on the milk and knock it back, and go and do something better and more important than eating (I mean, like what's that about anyway).

Now we witness the evolution. I go to the supermarket and see the breakfast aisle is increasingly given to breakfast biscuits (images below). It has transpired that we are such a busy people nowadays that we must eat breakfast while we are on the move, typically on the way to work. I have a dystopian image of of rows of people seated on tube trains, quietly stroking the glass screens of their smart phones in one hand while eating their adult biscuits with the other: the marketing man's dream. Tap, tap, stroke, tap, bite, stroke, tap, tap, tap.

I imagine the marketing men are already working on a lunch biscuit and a dinner biscuit perhaps (think a meaty middle and sweet, paste-filled tip for desert). It's the logical conclusion. Why stop to eat anything?

For people who think these breakfast bars may be unhealthy, here is Belvita's scientific chart that clearly shows how their biscuit energy is released slowly over a four hour period. Specifically, your energy level will rise to somewhere between the "y" and "d" on y-axis after about three quarters of an hour, after which the energy release remains exactly constant for four hours exactly, and then it's all gone. That's the science.

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