Sunday, May 05, 2013

Advertisement police: Garnier Pure Active Charcoal Face Wash

In this advert, Garnier promote a facewash with bits of charcoal in it. In the small print statistic, mid-way through the advertisement, we see that 77% of 53 women agreed with it's effectiveness claims (i.e. 41 people). In fact, the statistic is caught in the still below. So the product doesn't live up to it's claims for almost 2 out of 10 people who will buy and use it? Also, what's with the small sample size? Given that a single tv slot around 20 seconds long likely costs somewhere in the region of £5000, was the Garnier's budget so tight that that could only find 53 women for their sample, or did they just not care? I could ask further questions as to who made up the sample and what the control was but I'll concede that a cosmetic survey doesn't need the rigour of a medical trial. But really, 53 women, come on now.

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