Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Book: Help! by Oliver Burkeman

Oliver Burkeman writes a weekly self-help column for the Guardian and his book Help! is little more than a collection of these articles sorted into different categories. That's it. And it's excellent. The book's ambition is made clear by the sub-heading "How to Become Slightly Happier and Get a Bit More Done".

It gets a full five stars because it is a life changer. Prior to reading this book, I was planning to inject some order into my reading routine and read a classic, then an improving book, and then a non-fiction book along the 'armchair studying' lines. Well, Burkeman has done all the hard work for me and I feel his condensed digest of self-improving tips and tricks has done away with the need to spend any more time reading anything off the self-improving shelf, including magazine and blog articles in this arena. Indeed, I have even unsubscribed to Burkeman's column and while I may spend half an hour listening to a lecture on his new book, I will not be buying it. He's even done himself out of a customer: a true success! Already, without even enacting any of his tips, I have saved myself countless future hours.

As for the tips and tricks that he reports on, stay tuned. I will post more about these in future months, once my studies are out of the way.


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