Sunday, February 03, 2013

Photo-of-the-week entry: "Endless"

DSC02345, originally uploaded by Riz RMF.
Accompanying text:

I fell into the Quixote, it possessed me and I became obsessed. For six or so years half of my reading were unwisely spent reading and re-reading this book, with every reading bringing fresh insights and understandings. Alas, it is only on reflection one sees that the peeling away of the layers of understanding was a deception. The book changed me and time changed me and because of this change I wasn't truly learning anything new on every re-read. I was merely approaching the text from a different perspective each time, believing that I was somehow edging closer to the truth. Was Quixote mad? Was everyone else mad? Was he a hero or a fool? Before I drowned in the wondrous words and beautifully constructed sentences, I decided to give up on trying to "figure out" the mad man; before my brain turned to cheese. Later on this year I hope to jot down some of my favourite passages before completely sealing the book up with sticky tape to prevent me from slipping back into Cervante's mad, mad world.

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