Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What comes around goes around ... universal karma

Approaching my place of work this morning, I reached into my bag for my swipe card only to find that it had disappeared. There were no guest passes available either so I was prisoner to the work place (there are only so many times you can borrow other peoples swipe cards to use the toilets). My tea intake had be cut back severely to reduce bladder turnover. To make matters worse, I learned that spare cards were unlikely to be issued in the near future. I feared that the next few weeks, possibly months, would be spent in this tea-less, office prison of my own making.  I drafted my resignation in case it got too much.

On my way home, I was walking to my car when I spotted a set of Honda car keys in the middle of the path. I tried them on all the cars in the multi-storey car park but to no avail - any hope of a joy-ride was dashed. Forlorn, I went to the nearest office and left the keys at the reception desk.

As I was driving away,. I noticed a man in a side road searching his pockets. When I concluded that his fumbling was nothing untoward I made enquiries as to whether they were his keys I had found. They were. I directed him to the office. He was happy. I ventured on.

When I got home, I searched the pockets of some trousers on my rail and discovered my swipe card.

He had his keys, I had mine.

The universal karmic equation held.

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