Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Film: Django Unchained

Oh Django Unchained is most good. It is a graphic, unadulterated Tarantino masterpiece, with blood splatterings galore, lots of revenge, and some great comedy sketches that would be comfortable in a Monty Python episode. Also, with Tarantino good dialogue goes without saying (excuse the pun).

Christopher Waltz is exquisite and he and Jamie Foxx make a cracking pair as they go around the country seeking fortune by way of bounty hunting. although Foxx's ultimate objective is to find and rescue his wife from slavery. Unlike Gangster Squad, which I watched last week, Django Unchained is highly memorable, although I am actively trying not to remember Samuel L Jackson in this movie..the guy is so scary creepy he almost makes you shiver.

**** 1/2

On  a side note, while my memory for day to day things is horrendous, Django Unchained marked a highpoint in my ability to recall actors who I may have only briefly glimpsed. About three of four years ago there was a western film called Django on a second rate freeview channel, which I watched for all of five minutes. I recall the actor's name was Franco Nero, though, and I managed to point him out straight away when he appeared in this movie. Now if only I could recall some useful facts with this level of precision!

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