Sunday, January 20, 2013

Book: The Chap Manifesto: Revolutionary Etiquette for the Modern Gentleman by Gustav Temple & Vic Darkwood

The Chap Manifesto is a sensible guide on the practicalities of fulfilling your Chap destiny, something that is not so easily achieved when the modern world present so many obstacles at every turn. As with the The Chap Almanac, the Chap Manifesto is a book of hits and misses. However, it too gets four stars because when it hits, boy does it strike at the very core. My favourite snippets can be found further down the page.


Counter-acting those who only half-listen to you, while they are busy texting away, or "multi-tasking" (also known as doing several things badly all in one go):

Scientific proof of the benefits of smoking:

 A masterful piece on how a chap can operate to his fullest in the modern workplace:

 And finally, a proportionate response to uneccessary winter wear:

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