Friday, January 18, 2013

Book: The Chap Almanac - An Esoterick Yearbook for the Decadent Gentleman

An enjoyable, whip of a read, The Chap Almanac provides advice and guidance on all the key aspects of Chappism. These include:
  • The fine art of umbrella jousting
  • The way of Pyjama Dharma (see below)
  • The art of good husbandry ("Many women are hungry when arriving home from work, so this might be a good time to enquire about dinner.")
  • The semiotics of footwear (brogues and the Oxford are more than acceptable, trainers and sandals are not reasonable dress options).
  • Rbelling against portion control (those tiny milk cartons and miniscule butter portions in take-aways and cafeterias)
  • Picnic feng-shui
  • The glory of debt.(the pinnacle is going to prison because the public are footing the bill for your stay)
The Almanac also includes colorful profiles on a series of chap and chappess eccentrics, including  Marcel Proust, Baron Corvo, Lady Hester Stanhope, William Beckford, and my favourite of the bunch, Kenneth Gandar-Dower, a true all round chap who accomplished more than a hundred ordinary men in a quarter of the time, with feats including the bringing back of a pack of cheetahs from India for the purpose of racing around British greyhound tracks. What a chap. Read the Wikipedia entry on Gandar-Dower and prepare to be dazzled by his brilliance.

 **** [Warning: After reading this book you may find yourself searching the web for a good set of winceyette pyjamas and a fine evening robe. I'm not saying this happened to me, which of course means...]

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