Saturday, November 24, 2012

John McAffee is blogging while on the run in Belize

The multi-millionaire founder of McAfee AntiVirus keeping a blog while he is on the run in Belize. He is wanted by the authorities for an alleged murder and various other charges. From today's blog post:

"There have been some comments pointing to my mispellings,bad  grammar, etc. as being an indicator of my unhinged state.  I am 67.  I left in a hurry and do not have my glasses (When I am near my property I am unable to enter the front buildings of my property, which is where my own room is.).  I have no spell checker on this tiny device which is not a computer.  I am on the run and sleep less than three hours per night.  I have no money and, some days, no food.  I would beg that my detractors cut me a tiny bit of slack."

Mr McAfee is also tweeting while on the run.

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