Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Picadilly Circus Circus

The "Picadilly Circus Circus" event this Sunday was spectacular. The roads around Regent's Street and Picadilly Circus were temporarily pedestrianised to make room for a host of circus style acts, including acrobats, wire walkers, crazy opera singing women in massive dresses, a crazy hula hooping bendy-pole climbing monkey-man, a funny speed painter and much else besides. The grand finale was straight out of a fairytale and was the perfect ending to the affair,  with a group of acrobats dressed in white and wearing white face paint whizzing above our heads on zip-wires, releasing hundreds of thousands of feathers which drifted slowly down like tufts of snow. The whole area soon became blanketed in a sea of soft feathers. Cue music, feather flinging, and all round good times.

My camera was out of battery power on the day but fortunately my mate had his powerful snappy at the ready: 




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