Tuesday, August 07, 2012

"Eat, Fast and Live Longer" - Michael Mosely BBC 2

While I've posted quite a bit on the benefits of calorie restriction over the years, I have never managed to follow up my curiousity with the kind of gusto that I put behind my researches into vitamin D. And this is despite having practiced calorie restriction with great discipline in the past (see posts on the "30 Days Down" experiment, which showed marked improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol levels after eating 650 calories a day for 30 days).

Michael Mosely's recent BBC 2 Horizon documentary "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" has now re-ignited my interest in this field of research. Mosely is a high quality science journalist with a bent for self-experimentation, which puts him him right up my street. However, because a few of his conclusions in previous shows have been found somewhat wanting (just somewhat, mind), I must survey the research on the state of play in this field before enacting any more deliberate lifestyle changes.

For now, I will remain committed to adding a stone to my weight. Depending on the outcome of my research, I may well try to lose it again shortly after!

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