Sunday, August 26, 2012

Book: The Tao of Magoo... I mean The Tao of Pooh, by Benjamin Hoff

I picked "The Tao of Pooh" up from a Christian Bookstore of all places. It is a really nice book that uses the world of Winnie the Pooh to introduce the basic tennets of Taoism, a difficult to define branch of buddhism. While I don't agree with everything it preaches, the book is at the very least a useful and gentle reminder that you do not have to chase contentedness and that nature provides its own pace. It gets a little too 1970's style hippy-ish in a few places, but overall the message is to be commended and the simple children's book style is very endearing.

Follow your inner self like Pooh Bear and don't over complicate matters. Much of life's enjoyment is in front of you. It's all there.


I'll post some quotes from the book another time.. For now here are a few of the beautiful illustrations from the book:

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