Thursday, July 12, 2012


Who's in my Twitter feed:

- Brother in-law: travels far and wide and gives good rant
- Armando Iannucci: because he is a funny man (if you don't agree, I'll hazard a guess that you like Adam Sandler movies...look, I'm not judging, we're just different ... and I'm different in a slightly better way is all).
- Sylvester Stallone: because he is 65 years old and still kicking ass (if you don't like Stallone, I don't think you can be my friend).
- Alain de Botton: Because his tweets are of such a high standard it hurts (yes, actual physical pain)

Logging on to Twitter roughly once a week  provides good utility.

Side note: I have just checked my e-mail and Facebook have sent me another e-mail me to say "Welcome Back". How daft is their software that it can't even detect when somebody wants to become a Facebook Zombie? Basics Facebook, basics.

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