Saturday, July 07, 2012

Murray: shows some strength against Tsonga

In yesterday's match against the likeable Jo Wilfred Tsonga, Andy Murray hit a critical juncture in the fourth set. Murrary was 2-1 up in sets and playing a consistently strong game with some blistering back-hand returns. However, Tsonga's game was also getting stronger and Murray found himself two break-points down in a game which could easily have pivoted the match to 2-2.

Murray saved the first break point with ease and then sent a strong serve to the corner which was called out by the line judge. Murray challenged what was clearly a bad call. He won the challenge but in this situation the point has to be played again. You can see Murray's annoyance in the screenshot below. It is at this point in previous matches that the Murray of old would start seem to crumble and start externalising the problem, instead of just accepting it and getting on with the job. This time around he did get down to business. You can see from the lower screenshot that Murray is showing a certain positive determination in face as he readies to replay a shot that by rights was a winner. This is a good sign for the final tomorrow against the great Federer.

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