Thursday, July 12, 2012

Facebook clunk

Facebook recently took it upon itself to start alerting me with e-mails on any goings ons that relates to my profile page. I deactivated this function a while ago but it has somehow come back to life. When I logged back in to site in order to cancel the e-mails, I was struck by how cluttered and old the site looked, and this is without advertisements (I use Ad-Blocker). It just didn't feel leading edge in any meaningful way. Perhaps the infrastructure has got too bulky for cool jiggery-pokery, or perhaps the loyal users don't want change (at the expense or new users). Or perhaps the focus is on the mobile platform, which I imagine is a lot slicker.
Once again, I am Facebook zombie - a term I have just coined to describe a member of the community who is for all intents and purposes completely dead. I see the value of the site but I also see the downside, one of which is that I am claustrophic in small spaces.

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