Saturday, April 07, 2012

Just had an interesting weigh-in today

and I came in at a new low of 54kg, which translates to 8 and a half stone on the nose, and is slightly below what I weighed when I did my extreme diet 3 years ago. On the one hand the results shows that extreme dieting can be both effective and sustainable, but on the other hand it is not good result for when you are trying to increase weight, which I am. The reason my plan wasn't working was simply because I had been running too much and not eating enough. I'm planning to cut out out the cardio almost completely, add even more oil to foods, and maybe start having two meals in the evenings.

Here's the summary of the extreme 30 Days Diet conclusion:

The diet was extremely simple: ignore all the psuedo-science and mumbo jumbo and commit to eating a lot less (by dint of doing what works best and experimenting with different foods, you should gravitate to healthy eating).

Here are some general comments I made a while back about my experience:

- I found that after a few days of self-torment, skipping breakfast and lunch paid dividends. For sustenance and brain function I had more sugar of all things. Sugar in some dried fruit, sugar in tea, etc. I found a little sugar goes a long way to correcting the energy deficit. However, if I ate anything substantial in the day I desired more food a few hours later. By going without something happened to my body (still not sure what) that simply stopped wanting breakfast or lunch. I guess you can train your body and mind to new habits in this way. Also, to get my nutrients I had no room for any empty calories. I had zero chocolates, crisps etc over the period and piled in the vegetables. Also had cod liver oil tablets.

- Exercise proved largely counter effective as it simply increased appetite, making abstinence more difficult. 

- I normally like to take a moderate approach but by going extreme I put my body and appetite on a new pattern and when I had my first chocolate biscuit after the project ended it was like an explosion of sugar in my mouth - not nice, although I adapted back to normal after a few days. 

- The only side-effect is that my taste buds were heightened over the period and everything tasted amazing, and I am now obsessed with food!
- I don't necessarily recommend this approach and it requires almost military discipline in the first few days, but after that, it's all too easy (perhaps dangerously so).

- Admittedly with a sample size is 1, it is arguably a bit low, but I was still surprised at my results and my prescription for losing weight which is no or little fresh fruit, no exercise during the weight loss period, more sugar, loads of veg but less carby, starchy stuff, and no breakfast or lunch.

People say crash dieting doesn't work, but for me it has given me a much deeper self-knowledge and appreciation of the food and the body.

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