Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Last big run for a while

Not quite a record, but still close to 8 miles. It's starting to feel like a natural limit.

Deciding it was finally time to turn right upon leaving the house; unlike Zoolander I had only ever turned left when going for a run. I hot footed it to Windsor town centre, where I jogged about a little searching for the entrance to the Long Walk. When I found the gates, I decided to jog the full distance of the Long Walk which is about 2.7 miles. And then, when I got to the horse statue at the other end of the Long Walk, I found I had too much energy left in the tank so I turned around and ran back to the castle. Then I thought 'oi vey, still too much energy' and decided to run back home. What do you know, about 8 miles again.

This time around though, I wasn't running on empty. I'd had a coke and two biscuits throught the day, amount to about 300 calories. However, I must have burned some 700 odd calories on the run so by the time I got home I was calorie negative for the day. Fortunately my housemate had flapjacks cooking away in the oven...sweet, sweet flap-jackery, with no holding back on the butter. Add to that a Hershey's chocolate bar, four crackers with thick wedges of blue cheese, four hash browns, a plate of vegetables with olive oil and two fried eggs, and I was back in a good place.

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