Monday, February 28, 2011

I need a doctor

Doctor Dre gets ever closer to dropping his final album.

Calories in Coke

I accidentally purchased a regular coke (aka 'full fat coke') from the vending machine today, instead of getting a diet (aka 'gay coke'). However, when I spun the can around to see how many sinful empty calories it contained, I was pleasantly surprised: an entire can provides just 139 calories, which is about as many calories as you will find in a medium sized banana. Okay, so the calories are coming only from sugar (about 12 teaspoons of the stuff), which is not the best thing, but at least the overall energy intake is pretty low.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Franco watch

The latest story on James Franco, by NYMag. I think this one is real:

"James Franco, actor and Oscars host, is working with indie film auteur Harmony Korine on "a violent new art film." The duo is reportedly planning to stage a fight between actual L.A. street gangs and they might allow the gangs to use real weapons and hurt one another. The battle will reportedly take place at an iconic location like the Griffith Observatory"

I shall report no further on this great wunderkind of our generation, for to keep tabs on all his goings ons would require the resources of at least six or seven teams of multi-skilled people, based in different locations around the world.

Some of my favourite Harry & Paul characters

Idea .. born in the last two minutes

The simple idea of combining films (DVDs) and books into a single offering.

Why this hasn't happened already, I don't know (or have I just not seen such things?)

If you are not a super keen on a film you will rent it, but if you buy a film or book it is often because you have a closer attachment to the product/author/producer, etc, and are interested in owning the physical product and the extras. The book could even be reprinted to include stills from the movie. Perhaps the market for such things is too small, or perhaps the fact that the movie company and the publisher are separate entities makes the process too difficult. Either way, the producers of these products need to be thinking of novel ways to better sell the physical aspects of these objects before they disappear down the black hole of digitisation.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

James Franco

NY Mag reveals Photographic Evidence That James Franco Actually Sleeps… while also reading and listening to music, because he is James Franco.

Will Franco-fever peak when James Franco presents the Oscars? Hopefully not. He is a very good actor, yes, but it is all the other creative stuff he does that has catapaulted his celebrity status into the stratosphere...keep it coming JF.

If you don't know much about this James Franco chap is, here is a snippet from a recent Guardian profile:

"It is not easy to get time with Franco. He has just finished promoting 127 Hours, Danny Boyle's climbing and amputation film for which he's up for an Oscar; his Allen Ginsberg biopic Howl is out this Friday; he has half a dozen other films in the pipeline (including, allegedly, a Wizard of Oz prequel); he is presenting the Oscars on Sunday with Anne Hathaway; and there are some directing projects in the offing.

Plus he's doing a PhD in English at Yale; a course in digital art at the Rhode Island School of Design; he's just published his first collection of short stories; oh, and he's recording an album with a drag artist called Kalup Linzy."

It appears that James Franco has also created a college course about himself.

Now, as we really do move in to the realms of fiction, we learn some more interesting feats of the multi-talented, super productive genius-actor:

Feb 2011

"With a busy couple weeks ahead of him James Franco took the day to relax, playing Wii bowing with some seniors at a Sarasota retirement home. Despite trying his hardest, Franco cannot seem to beat Gladys, the reigning Sunny Sarasota Retirement Centre Wii bowling champ. "

July 2010

"Actor James Franco set up a dentist chair today in Times Square and offered free cleanings to the public. The procedures were performed by the actor himself who has no formal training in dentistry, but read three books on the subject and wanted to give it a shot. Above all else, Franco wanted to use his celebrity to promote good oral hygiene while furthering his quest to blur the lines between the world of entertainment and the second bicuspid."

September 2010

"James Franco was spotted this morning on the Louisiana coastline, playing a cassette tape of self-made bird calls for the seagulls in the area. When asked what inspired this newfound interest in bird-calling, the up-and-coming author claimed that his tape was a self-penned story from the point of view of a seagull named Beatrice who lost her husband as a result of the BP oil spill. Franco penned the tale because he felt it was crucial for the birds to hear the story in their own language so as to properly understand this tragic point in their history. The story takes a sudden turn in the final act, as it turns out Beatrice used the oil spill as a cover to murder her husband after she finds him pecking around with a younger chick."

And he Tweets:

"James Franco is watching the #Discovery shuttle launch and regretting he wasn't able to work at mission control"

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Predator Friday

Here is the original trailer for Predator, made way back when in 1987. Oh, to be there at the beginning.

I've also just found the making of the film, in a few parts. The name of this documentary is ... "If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It." First part below. Enjoy:

Johnny Depp as Sancho Panza

He was going to play Panza in Terry Gilliam's version of Don Quixote, before it fell apart at the seams. Now we hear that Depp gets to attack the portly fool's chracter from another angle, in "The Lone Ranger". From the Guardian:

"Director Gore Verbinski is taking inspiration for the central relationship not from the dusty reels of the TV show, but from literary classic Don Quixote. In the new version, the Lone Ranger turns out to be a misguided fool and Tonto the voice of sanity, akin to Quixote's companion, Sancho Panza."
It's all to the good, although they have already got the wrong end of the stick if they think that Sancho is a voice of sanity. Oh well.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book: The Perfectionist: Life and Death in Haute Cuisine

Realising that I wouldn't finish Don Quixote before my next wave of studies, I decided to dip into a relatively quick read called 'The Perfectionist: Life and Death in Haute Cuisine', which tells the story of a top French chef who committed suicide a few years ago, amidst rumours of losing one of his three Michelin stars.

The Perfectionist provides a very insightful look at the pressures of top end restaurants as they acquire and struggle to hold on to the coveted little stars that have been bestowed upon them by a tyre manufacturer of all companies...this sure is a peculiar world that we inhabit.

***1/2 - Would recommend to people interested in what's going on behind the scenes of a high end restaurants, quests for perfection, and the ups and downs of running businesses.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is this another Vimeo I see before me?

I have a little routine now. I come home, make a cup of tea, and see what Vimeo has in store for me. It's usually something pretty cool. Today, this beautiful music video playeth before my eyes. Merry weekend.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

PG Tips has been testing on animals...what the ****!

I just read this in The Independent:

"The maker of PG Tips has agreed to stop testing its teas on animals, after activists threatened to launch a name-and-shame publicity campaign to highlight the company's experiments on rabbits, rats and pigs.

... Experiments included injecting pigs with E. coli bacteria and then seeing if feeding them tea would help to combat the infection. Rabbits were fattened up and rats were given high-sugar diets, with the aim of seeing if tea reduced plaque in their arteries. The animals suffered bowel inflammation or brain damage and were usually destroyed after the experiments, Peta said."
I do like a good cup of P.G. Tips, but it sometimes leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Now I know why.

Friday, February 11, 2011

MS Office

I get my words on in Word,
But I don't excel at Excel,
And Powerpoint, what's the point
The Outlook is grim

Robert Dyas ramekin

I loves me my ramekin dish.
It's the perfect dinky size, just right for porridge, deserts, and sides, and it's suitable for microwaves, dishwashers and the oven (up to 230 degrees). Best of all, the pot costs a mere trifle (and a cheap trifle at that), at just £1.49 from Robert Dyas.

I use mine almost daily, for beans, baked eggs, and overnight porridges.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We are all eating more

Take a look at this cool graphic to get an idea of how the world got fat. What really stands out when I watch it is how the green dot countries of Europe show men getting fatter relative to women, whereas for other regions both men and women are piling on the pounds in equal measure.

Good offer at Holland & Barrett

£5 off a £5 spend at Holland & Barrett, leaving just postage to pay (£1.99). I just bought two pots of crunchy peanut butter, some bombay mix, and two packets of chili peanuts for a total cost of £2.50, delivered to my door. I can't see this offer hanging around for long, so act like lightning.

The code is HB1122E, and everything on the site is on a buy one get one half price offer.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cool animation - Eye of the Storm

Really high quality animation going on here. Enjoy the visual feast.

EYE OF THE STORM | Lovett from Lovett on Vimeo.

PS - Batman would be great if it was animated in this fashion.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

My top 10 photos on Flikr / a test post of sorts

This list doesn't convey very much at all, as I don't even have 20 photo's posted to Flikr. I just wanted to see how Blogger post images and text with hyperlinks, that have been copied straight from other web-pages - it seems to manage the minor feat quite well.

p magoo (7)

#1: p magoo (7)

Pebbles Magoo, taken with a pentax h90

333 views / 10 people count this as a favorite / 7 comments
Pentax H90 22 Aug 3

#2: Pentax H90 22 Aug 3

117 views / Nobody counts Pentax H90 22 Aug 3 as a favorite / 2 comments
New Forest wild horse

#3: New Forest wild horse

Pentax H90

110 views / 1 person counts this as a favorite / 3 comments
Pentax H90 22 Aug 1

#4: Pentax H90 22 Aug 1

109 views / Nobody counts Pentax H90 22 Aug 1 as a favorite / 0 comments
Pentax H90 22 Aug 2

#5: Pentax H90 22 Aug 2

98 views / Nobody counts Pentax H90 22 Aug 2 as a favorite / 0 comments

#6: IMGP0350

taken just before falling asleep...the h90 performs well in poorly lit conditions

73 views / Nobody counts IMGP0350 as a favorite / 0 comments
p magoo (1)

#7: p magoo (1)

Pebbles Magoo, taken with a pentax h90

68 views / Nobody counts p magoo (1) as a favorite / 0 comments
p magoo (2)

#8: p magoo (2)

Pebbles Magoo, taken with a pentax h90

67 views / Nobody counts p magoo (2) as a favorite / 0 comments
pebbles magoo sep 5 2010 (11) (Large)

#9: pebbles magoo sep 5 2010 (11) (Large)

42 views / Nobody counts pebbles magoo sep 5 2010 (11) (Large) as a favorite / 2 comments
Surface of an old brick

#10: Surface of an old brick

an old brick up close ... just missed an ant running over the surface

38 views / Nobody counts Surface of an old brick as a favorite / 0 comments

The United Kingdom explained ... a Vimeo video

This is pretty good at clarifying a few things about the strange Kingdom in which we live.

The United Kingdom Explained from C. G. P. Grey on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The last Don

Quixote ... okay, so it was all Montaigne this and Montaigne that for a while; I even read a book about Montaigne as a precursor to reading the actual Montaigne.

Then I decided to have a final read of the now tattered Quixote, a last sit down with the old friend before we parted company. Alas, knowing this will be the last reading, I cannot help but to ponder over each paragraph, to savour the language, and to comtemplate the grander meaning. Several weeks have passed and I only am at page 80 of well over 900 pages. Montaigne will have to wait, for this is not something to be rushed.

Adele: Rolling in the Deep features a ninja

Is this a new variant of ninja in Adele's music video, or am I seeing things through ninja-tinted glasses?