Saturday, December 31, 2011

H&M Boxer Briefs - a review

This is a post about men's underwear so I'll try be "brief".

I went to H&M today to do the annual top-up on one's stock of undergarments.The standard price of the H&M boxer brief 3-pack is £7.99 which is a bit higher than it used be (as a guestimate I would say that H&M pantflation is running at about twice the speed of broader inflation). Nevertheless, they still represent pantastic value for money. Okay, enough punning already.

Here is the range of quality boxer briefs that comprise my entire pant inventory:

This is a simple and durable brief that actually seems to improve with washing (importantly, they don't lose shape). As you can see, I am somewhat in awe of this pant. Indeed, over the years the H&M boxer has replaced the hodgepodge mixed bag of pants, and with today's purchase I am able to purge the hangers-ons which are at the back of my cupboard in my family home (i.e. emergency pants). 

It's a simple thing, to have a standard quality brief without any favourites or dislikes in the mix, but the consistency is one less annoyance in life (as you can tell, I have little to be annoyed about these days).

I thought I would finish this post with a H&M boxer stock-take:

4 - in the laundry basket
12 - in the stock cycle
1 - wearing
3 - just bought
3 - to be bought next week (if you buy anything in H&M over the next few days, keep the receipt as it gives you a free £5 spend in the first two weeks of the new could even buy a lint roller for £1 to get the voucher.)
 - 23 total pant count

It is a good healthy stock although one wonders what would happen if the H&M pant factory shut down or if H&M changed it design. Already, I see that my first batch of boxers were made in China, the second in India, and the latets in Sri Lanka. Perhaps. Nothing is forever. I will add a roll of these briefs to every xmas list and birthday list from here on. That's a potential additional 6 pairs a year, plenty enough to provide sufficient replacements to ensure an uninterrupted supply for years to come.

PS - The New York Times recently published a profile piece on men stock-piling clothes. I am falling into this category and would like to fall further. If I was a rich man with lots of storage I may even consider stock-piling one size below and above to accommodate size changes. 

A Toy Story Lego Xmas

Woody and Buzz came home for the holidays. Lots more pics to follow.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fighting Monks

Monthy Pythonesque Monks Fighting Over the Christmas Holidays (but this is real).

via Armando Iannucci's Twitter Stream.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lego Ninja ... if you pay it, he will come

Super cool fantastic, my lego collection is complete. For a mere £3.60 I have purchased a black kick-ass lego ninja dude with a plethora of weaponary including a bow, short swords and long swords.

I envisage the leafy oasis discovered by the Toy Story posse (see previous post) will provide little protection from this masked assassin.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I've recently been buying and selling some items on E-bay - it's difficult to make a decent profit when E-bay take 10% plus a listing fee, and Paypal take another 3.5%! A few large items have made a fair profit but my batch of 5 Toy Story Lego sets proved more trouble than they were worth. In the end I made enough profit to keep back a set of figures for myself.

I'm already getting my money's worth by putting them in cool positions for macro photos. Now I need to get me a Lego ninja or two for some cool fight set-ups.

Brush away those tumbleweeds

Just been through a horrid exam, which will definitely require a re-sit. But hey, ho, the it's xmas. Let's brush the dust of this blog!