Friday, May 27, 2011


It's hard letting the "Send Them Kids to War" music video in the below post move off the prime spot, as I love it to bits, but this here offer is worth shouting about:

* Lovefilm: Sign up with Quidco and you get £25 cash back plus one month free. I've gone for the three films a month deal (plus one download/stream) for £5.99 a month. What could keep me hooked on Lovefilm is the ability to take payment holidays for some 90 days at a time (perfect to work around one's studies).

"A Prophet" is the first film which is on its way to me - looks cool.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Burns Unit - Canadian Scottish Supergroup

Cracking performance on Jules Holland a couple of nights back:

Talk about an eclectic bunch:

The Burns Unit features indie-rock icon Emma Pollock; Indo-Caledonian pop artist Future Pilot AKA; folk luminary Karine Polwart; alt-folk heartbreaker King Creosote; smouldering multi-instrumentalist Kim Edgar; drummer/producer Mattie Foulds and wild-eyed piano-man Michael Johnston (both from Canada), along with hip-hop polemicist MC Soom T.

Katlama comment

A recent comment on my famous Katlama post (had a technical glitch on 'accepting' it as a comment so here it is as a blog post):

"I used to work in a Balti Restaraunt in Telford called Mister Daves and he made Katlama fresh everyday , it was the best thing about working there getting a Free meal everyday including a "Lama" and I would often take a few home and they went really well with the Dip which I made myself but I have never seen anywhere else in the country do them and I have asked restaraunts the length and breadth of the Country unfortunately Mister Dave had to shut down due to health reasons so alas I have been lama less for a long time too !!"

Another cool optical illusion

What did you see first, a duck or a rabbit?

... via Richard Wiseman's blog.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Film: The Square

The Square is an Austrailian modern film noir of the highest quality. It is ultra realistic, the acting is natural, and you just don't know which way it's going until it gets there. Watch it when you are in the mood for something on the heavier side.

***** (it gets an extra star for originality)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cheese Reviews Continued: Welsh Goats Cheese

I have just made my way through a wee 100g brick of Welsh Goat's cheese, which was much better than expected. From past experience, I was ready for something quite sharp tasting. The cheese actually had a wondeful smooth tangyness about it, and despite the small size, it stretched out over five meals:

- Goats cheese, roasted tomato and basil omelette *****
- Smeared on various breads, drizzled with olive oil, a large quantity of salt and pepper, and a little side salad *****
- Used to stuff mushrooms, with chopped garlic and spring onions ****

Cracking cheese Grommit!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Inflation linked bonds return

Inflation linked bonds are back. Sign up. Sign up fast. They certificates are five-year bonds in name, but more like one-year bonds in nature, with a little bonus (+0.5% pa) if you do hold til maturity (i.e. the full five years). Note, interest on these bonds is tax-free, making them kind of fantastic relative to the other deals out there.

"Rocking up"

Somebody just said it on Newsnight. I was in a meeting at work today and the phrase was used three times.

These days, it just mean's 'showing up'. Here's what it used to mean:

"To work one's way vertically up a chimney or cleft using a rocking movement."

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Aging - radio presets and bookmarks as reflection of self

I have replaced the radio station 'Kiss FM' with 'Smooth FM', have started enjoying Radio 4, and have also just bookmarked the Gardener's World web-site. There are sunflowers growing outside, along with garlic, carrots, leeks, and a medley of herbs.

Based on current rates of progression, by this time next year I project that I'll be complaining that the current generation have lost their way, wearing my trousers several inches higher up, and whizzing around on an OAP scooter, bumping into people as I go.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I came down to make a cup of tea, readying for a big study session.

And then I saw Predator on the box.

From this, there is no turning back.

Cheese: Clawson Stilton

Oh, this is a fine cheese, a very very fine cheese indeed.

It is sad that I have had to break it up into some six or seven pieces, all of which have gone to the freezer. Why such a rash action? Well, my fridge contains too much cheese for any reasonable individual. There is Welsh Goats Cheese, a bag of grated Cheddar, a bit of Stilton, some Marmite Cheddar and some Seriously Strong Spreadable cheddar. My freezer is home to Stilton, another grated bag of Cheddar and two types of Boursin. One man, seven cheeses.

"Then there are the English cheeses. There are not many of them but I fancy that Stilton is the best cheese of its type in the world, with Wensleydale not far behind." - George Orwell


Superfrog, originally uploaded by Riz RMF.

Superfrog, aka Mrs Miyagi, caught a fly with its super long tongue. Cool.

Microsoft Skype tie up

Microsoft has just paid a whopping $8.5bn for Skype. I put it to you that they will be writing down a lot of goodwill in a few years time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Books - a bunch of reviews

I read these books a month ago, just before the wave of study built up:

* "Batman" - by Neil Gaiman ***** (really nice story and some of the best graphics I have come across)

* "Batman and Son" - a cominc by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert ** (meh)

* "Farenheit 451" - Tim Hamilton ** (could have been amazing, but it comes to me as a somewhat unoriginal - ironically, it is the original, but I guess when you happen across things is critical in shading your view on them)

* "Nietsche - A Beginner's Guide Roy Jackson" - (it could be Jackson's terrible style or perhaps it is the philosopher's thoughts themselves ... either way, this book did nothing for me) **

* "The Adventures of Johnny Bunko
" - Daniel H Pink ***1/2 (entertaining and simple home truths about careers ... I wanted something more, but perhaps there is nothing more to it!)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Still here

... just keeping busy with other things less interesting than blogging, apart from the occassional spot of watering the garden, which is close to par with blogging for satsifaction, for the chives are sprouting, garlic shoots are shooting, and sunflowers are emerging everwhere. Even the little herbs in the mini-herb garden are showing signs of life.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Gardening tip: watering

This watering tip video is for personal reference really, as I'm just getting in to a spot of amateur gardening, with lots of sunflowers on the go, some chives, and various other herbs. The sunflowers are coming up a treat, including a whole bunch grown directly outside, from seeds picked out of bird feed!