Friday, December 31, 2010

Pebbles Magoo behind a curtain

pebbles magoo behind a curtain

Just a recent fave.

For fans of the Pentax H90, and potential buyers, here is a neat little summary discussion that took place the Flickr H90 community page. If you decide to make the little leap, I can highly recommend SRS for service and advice.

Putting up posters without ruining your walls

I purchased a retro Rocky poster on ebay over the holidays and was brainstorming ways of putting it up without leaving any oily blue tack marks on the wall, or peeling away the paint.

The solution I have come up with is to use a system of post-it notes, with half of the post-its face down on the poster, holding the other half of interlocking post-its with their sticky side up. If it holds, this could be the work of genius.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 around the corner

Pebbles Magoo

Had a good family xmas this year, but time has flown by and there's been nary the time to make good on one's back log of blog posts.

The next few days should provide some quietness and solitude, allowing for some end of year reflection. However, just in case I don't get a chance to return to my keyboard, let me wish you all a happy new year.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Film: Tron Legacy

A real eye fest is this one. Tron has a cool soundtrack, a half decent story and some beautiful effects.

6.5/10 (the main downside is that it is a bit too long, as films tend to be these days)

Twitter side bar removed

...project killed dead.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Word Lens hoax

I really thought this iphone app was a hoax. Then somebody at work downloaded the demo version and I saw it in action. My flabber is gasted.

Danny De Vito on the Leaning Tower of Pisa

"Yeah, I've been to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It's a tower, and it's leaning. You look at it, but nothing happens, so then you look for someplace to get a sandwich."
It captures how I feel about a lot of sight seeing (although I did enjoy the Leaning Tower's leaniness). But yes, the real joy is in the sandwich.


Exams over. Time t' git reading n writin' agin.

PS - I must refrian from public comment on how they went, for it would benefit neither the profession nor my reputation.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Michael Jackson's new album and YMO

The best song on the new MJ album, apparantly, is a cover of a Yellow Music Orchestra track.

And here are YMO in all their glory:

Too cool for school, eh. I predict a YMO resurgence, what with their 80's techno, computer game sounds. Btw, they are new to me, and I am amazed.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Study diary, short and tweet

Once again, we have a drop off in blog postings as the dreaded exams approach. Here's a short diary that I managed to keep for the first few days:

Sun 14/11 - First exam is 24 days away. Juggling and struggling. Motivation low. Cold out side. No eggs.

Mon 15/11 - Fog like thick pea soup today. About 4 hours of study but slow going. I am lagging behind. Work-work balance is hard. 1 egg.

Tue 16/11 - Repeat of thick fog, Hound of the Baskervilles atmosphere prevails. Also Eid, but work-work beckoned. Rewarding slow efforts with the fascinating documentary 'Tyson'. Mushroom omelette. No more eggs.

Wed 17/11 - No fog, no eggs. Burned rice, burned toast, lots of coffee.

Thur 18/11 - No milk, no eggs. Waffles, fish fingers, beans. Limitations of financial analysis. Consolidated accounts. Burned toast again.

Sat 20/11 - Full day of revision at college and all the hard work came to nought as I flapped about like a fish out of water. Bode well, this does not. Fish fingers times six, fish cake times one, pitta breads times two.

Mon 22/11 - Result of study avoidance - bedroom is now in accordance with chi principles. Also learned that Tong Po last made a movie in 2001, called 'Extreme Force'. Onion, anchovy, cheese and tomato pizza using an ageing baguette. Biscuits and crisps.