Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adobe sucks eggs

My laptop battery is dying and my wifi signal is weak. Shall I use my time wisely? Nah, I think I'll fire off another rant at Adobe:

Dear Adobe,

Did you know that you suck eggs big time? Yes, big rotten eggs. You suck them and burp the horrid nasty gases all over your customer base. Okay, so you have some cracking software, but that's not enough. As a company, you are a disgust, a disgust you hear!

I have already abandoned Acrobat Reader due to it's constant checking for updates and incessant reminding to upgrade to the latest version with this or that incremental improvement. I'm not interested and never have been. I just want to be able to view pdf's quickly damn it. Indeed, most people really aren't fussed whether the latest version of your reader has an extra icon that does something we aren't ever going to use. Most of us really don't care. Okay, so we may find some value in going from, say Acrobat Reader 2.0 to 4.0, but all the versions in between - we don't care. Anyway, I got rid of your reader when it pestered me so much that I thought you guys were one step away from having an Adobe representative knock on my door in the early hours, beseeching me to upgrade.

Were my Adobe problems over with though? Oh no. Only today, my Firefox browser told me that my Flash software was out of date, so I did a quick install of your latest version. No probs? Simples? Oh, no, probs. Always probs with Adobe. You see, this time you managed to sneakily install a copy of Macafee Scan Plus on my machine by hiding a check box out of my line of sight, you little gits. I've uninstalled it now, but you have now annoyed me so much that I don't want to come across any of your products again.

It's quite a feat really, for while your free software has the potential to encourage people to upgrade to paid-for versions and to other Adobe products, your corporate strategy is eliminating all such benefit by breeding a long standing hatred for anything Adobe.

Yes, if it's Adobe, I'll always look somewhere else first. You have become nothing but a last resort. If I can do without, do without I shall.

Rant over. I feel cleansed.

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Tabusum said...

Oh, the fear whenever it says install an update... especially since updates actually stop things from working sometimes! I feel for you. Like on itunes... what if I click yes and all my playlists disappear... Not worth the risk :)