Monday, June 28, 2010

Game Group .. Game Over?

The share price keeps on going down. It's 67p today. The last time I mentioned it, the shares were trading at 92.5p, the time before that 144p.

I expect the company to go to zero over the next 5 years with around (70%) certainty. Now keep in mind that I left trading a while back because I didn't make enough right calls or make enough money.

Getting old

It's understandable feeling a bit sore after a day of intense sports ... not so much when the sports in question are golf and bowling.

: (

... and stop putting vegetables in my bedding!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Film: Brooklyn's Finest

Not bad, but far from great. The lower rank gangsters are pure stereotype and the story pretends to be smarter than it is by having several stories intersect at the end. It's an idea that worked in Crash, but ever since then films have incorporated the concept without any real intertwining of storyline, making it little more than a gimmick.

BC, AD, and now IM

When tennis players Isner and Mahut stepped on to one of the periperal Wimbledon courts, most folk expected a run-of-the-mill match. Instead, we were given the following score line:

70-68 (yes, you read it correctly).

It is a truly historic occassion, and an occurance that may never again be repeated.

Thankfully, I caught the final few games to bear witness to the historic moment.

Note: Wikipedia has a great summary and backgrounder on the event.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Normality resumes

Now that the summer batch of accountancy exams is behind me, I'm looking forward to resuming my normal course of living. There is a back log in every department, from physical activity, to blogging, to catching up with films at the cinema, to meeting with friends, to eating good, healthy food, to contributing to Daily Speculations, and to enjoying the fine weather versus watching it with forlorn envy from the window. There is also Wimbledon and the World Cup to keep one entertained ... and it would be nice to get immersed in a non-accountancy book for a change.

As for the exams, the Tax and Performance Management papers were very hit and miss, with one of them probably more miss than hit. The other exam was in Law, which went okay and was by far the most interesting of the bunch - not the best point of view for a trainee accountant but what the hey. What was nice was that we headed off to the Lake District straight after the exams for a team building course, where we breathed the clean air of the Lakes and partook in various challenges such as pole climbing, raft building, etc. The food was also first rate - very rich and heavy, with lots of courses, including a palette cleanser course after the starter ... like, whatever!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Film : Prince of Persia - not so good

Kids should love it. For me, the best thing about this film was the trailers, with Brooklyn's Finest and Inception offering great promise.

Elsewhere, Stallone quashes talk of The Expendables being super toned down with the quote '

'I got people being torn apart in this'.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Blasted rascals

Tough times. These classics were on tv over the past couple of nights and I had to give them a miss to revise for my exams. What sacrifice.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Film: Balls of Fury

Perfect tv movie. The critics (and most of the public) really don't like this film. I'm not one of them... but I'm also the type of person who likes melted cheese on a bread roll that's been made in a microwave.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Man v Food

There's some good eating on this show, with loads of deep frying, and stacking and combining of various unhealthy foods.

I love this stuff.