Thursday, October 29, 2009

Film: This is It

After watching this lovingly put together compilation of rehearsal footage, it's clear the live show would have been pretty amazing. MJ was way too thin and frail looking in the film but at the same time he was filled with energy and enthusiasm, and he was still on top of his dance game. It's definitely one for all the fans.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Vitamin D train is chugging on

The FT has just published a comprehensive piece on vitamin D. An important point is made with respect to carrying out robust research:

"... randomised control trials are important. The trouble is, trials that could convince policymakers to advise an across-the-board increase to vitamin D recommendations for all children and adults might never take place.

There are a number of obstacles to the research, but the simplest, and biggest, is money. Vitamin D is not a proprietary compound. It’s cheap and easy to produce. A bottle of 180 1,000-IU capsules can be purchased online for about £9. No pharmaceutical company is going to put up the many millions of dollars necessary to conduct the trials."

Indeed, if there isn't any profit in it, why should private companies respond? Isn't this the moment where the government is supposed to play its hand, or are we too busy spending tax payer money scrapping roadworthy cars to subsidise the automotive industry?

Anyway, I'm happy taking my daily vitamin D supplements (1000 IU) and I'll continue to do so until the evidence tells me otherwise.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Books - Don Quixote

Woe is me! The massive size of Don Quixote, combined with my appalling forgetfulness, pretty much destines me to be eternally lost in the mesmeric land of La Mancha, the domain of the Knight of the Sorrowful face. I finished the book for the fourth time just over a week ago and I am missing it already.

I previously planned to read this book every year but there are so many other worthy books to read (including other variations of Don Quixote!) that I must find the discipline to put this book to one side for a good while.

I know that when I return not only will my memory have faded but the passage of time will have made me a different person. And so it is that Don Quixote will take on a new meaning, just as it has with each of the previous readings.

I'll post some quotes from the books at a later date.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goldman Sachs fat profits - Russ Roberts lays it out

A simple and fantastic article article on the mega profits being made at Goldman Sachs.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

More Katlama comments ... I sense the forming of a movement

"I am a proud Brummie living in East London! I seriously love my Katlama, nothing else will do. I love it with the red sauce the most and a cup of water goes down well. Sometimes and only sometimes I have two! But my question is this.. I want to befriend like minded people who are willing to work together in the quest to find a Katlama vendor in East London! I've tried everything I can but just imagine the ground we can cover if a group of us venture out in search! I have made Phone call after Phone call to Kebab shops in Aldgate and Commercial Road but man they think I'm talking some sort of Jibberish! Just the other day when calling a very popular establishment on Brick Lane, the somewhat irritated gentleman on the other end announced that I am a Bas****d Bl***y B***h! So my plee to you is join me on foot patrol cause I believe there can be found a Katlama in London!"

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Book Review - Where Underpants Come from: From Checkout to Cotton Field - Travels Through the New China

I quit this book about 60-70 pages in. It would have been so much more interesting had the author focussed on the economics and production of the underwear, but instead the book is just a rambling general travelogue that seems without purpose. To make matters worse, it isn't particularly well written either. In other words, 'Where Underpants Come From' is a bit pants.


Next up is the Logic of Life by Tim Harford. I'm only a handful of pages in right now, but so far so good.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Great deal at IKEA

IKEA are running a great offer until next Sunday. If you take five books into any IKEA store they'll give you a voucher for £5, with no strings attached. The books are being collected for a children's charity.

We've been on a search for a decent pepper mill at a decent price for over a year now, and IKEA has finally delivered with this strange little beast. It's called the 365+ Spice Mill and costs £4.99 (perfect for the voucher!). The mill has a ceramic grinder that is way way better than the plastic and steel grinders found on most Cole & Mason pepper mills. Also, because the pepper comes out from the top of the grinder, it doesn't leave any pepper dust on the table. Nice. Hopefully, the search stops here.