Friday, April 17, 2009

Ford Mustang - what happened? plots the evolution of the Ford Mustang here. The early 1960s Mustang was a beautiful creation (first pic below). The article reports 'When Ford unveiled the Mustang 45 years ago today, company execs figured they’d sell maybe 100,000 a year. They sold 22,000 on the first day. The Mustang was more than a success. It was a phenomenon. Ford sold 1 million in the first 18 months, making the Mustang its most successful launch since the Model A.'

Look at the 2008 model (middle pic below). These days, the Mustang looks like something that's been beefed up on steroids, a kind of comic muscle car. And where is ailing Ford pinning it's hopes next? The last pic shows the 2010 model. It's supposed to give a nod to it's 1960s heritage styling, but I can't see it. The design just sucks.

My solution is a simple one: go back to the original designs using modern mechanical/electrical systems, to create some true collectible classics. Easy.

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