Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rocky Balboa

I am overjoyed to report that that Rocky VI (simply titled 'Rocky Balboa') is in post-production.

Here is a shot from the latest film, taken Jan 19, 2006:

According to IMDB Stallone is 60 years old!

The franchise tailed off with Rocky V, so I don't have high expectations, but since the series was an integral part of my growing up I know I will enjoy the 6th installment.

Click here for Sony's promotional web-site, which goes straight into playing the the most inspiring theme music of all time.

PS - My VHS Rocky collection was about to go to the charity shop, but I think I'm going to have to hold on to the tapes for one last viewing.

Book review - Don Quixote (no spoilers)

Let me say this of Don Quixote. It is thought to be the first modern, western novel; after reading it, I feel it is not only the first but in many respects it is also the last, for I have never come across such an enchanting book in all my years. The book contains large doses of humour, absurdity, and many adventures of all varieties, and yet it is also filled with a great wisdom. I thank Cervantes for his imagination and style, and I thank Edith Grossman for the masterly translation. This is the only work of fiction that I will not be selling on or giving away. It is a treasure. Depite its length (940 pages) I am filled with remorse for having finished it so soon. I will continue to read works of fiction, but surely I will forever return to this wonderous book. I cannot recommend Don Quixote highly enough.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Nikolay Valuev

And why exactly are boxers willingly pitting their wits against Nikolay Valuev, the 7 foot plus Russian? Talk about cruising for a bruising.