Saturday, January 28, 2006

The greatest r n b song ever

I recently stumbled across a fragment of a song that was penned by a house mate and myself a few years back. Here it is - a section of the greatest song in the world:

How many girls,
told me that
they wouldn't wear
their socks in bed

But now it's winter time
and they lied
they're wearing socks in bed
it's messing with my head

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Epigenetics Continued ...

A follow-up to the earlier piece on epigenetics:

I only recently got around to finishing the Christmas edition of The Economist, beast of a magazine that it is. Anyway, they have an excellent piece summarising the state of play in the field of epigentics (you may need to subscribe to read the full article).

To summarise, I am proud to report the following:

- A group of epigeneticists are proposing the an equivalent of the Human Genome Project for the epigenome. I imagine mapping the human epigenome to be a more complex task than mapping the genome, given the more dynamic nature of the former. Of the efforts underway, the well resourced Wellcome Trust's Human Epigenome Project initiative is worth keeping an eye on.

- The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences have published a report that shows how the epigenome of identical twins (born genetically indentical) can become radically different over time.

- Researchers are now realising that diseases can contain epigenetic components (eg: cancer).

People of my age group were taught that genetics were far more deterministic than epigenetics suggests, and that's what makes this field so interesting. It has opened my mind on cause and causality of human kind, meeting the nature versus nurture debate somewhere in the middle.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


All this time we have been receiving comments but they weren't appearing on the blog as I hadn't approved them for posting. Oops. My bad. The comments are all up now.

Previously missing comments now appear on the following articles:

Bull Fight
Tim Westwood and Zane Lowe
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Food and Self Control
Movie News - Real Man Borat Returns - acknowledgement from the founder of boratonline!

Apologies to all. Its nice to see we have some readers beyond the founding fathers of the RMF!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Films and resolutions in 2006

Welcome to the new year amigo's. My resolution for 2006 is to watch less tv and to do more reading . In 2005 I gave up pre-packaged fast foods such as ready-meals and microwave dinners etc (with the exception 8p packet noodles from Tesco's - these beauties sustained me in the leaner months!).

I'm looking forward to quite a few film releases this year, including X-Men 3 (uh hum, I know) and Mission Impossible 3, but most of all, I eagerly anticipate the next film from the team who gave us Ong Bak, my best film of 2005. Tony Jaa is a martial arts guru who deserves to be ranked up there with the greats: Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan. The film is called Tom Yum Goong and should be out early this year. From the poster, it looks like Tony has boosted his fighting powers by tying elephant bones to his arms. You just know this is going to be good!

PS - I highly recommend King Kong to all. A great family film, and even though its epic at 3 hours, it doesn't feel that long; a good sign.